About Jinja & George


Here I am as a two-month-old kitten in Port Vila, Vanuatu, back in December 2006, when I was “rescued” by two tuna-toting Canadian humans.  Then they decided that I needed to leave the tropics and move from SoPac (the warm South Pacific island paradise) to the colder, rainy grey Gulf Islands of NoPac (North Pacific).

At least up here I am “allowed” to go outside on this smaller island.  Now I like to hunt mice, voles, and other Canadian creatures.  Sometimes I eat them and sometimes I just torment my prey until they are dead.  But I do miss eating geckos, with their little tails that would fall off first and then wiggle around on the floor….


(The above photo of George is courtesy of John Pope photography – who makes all cats, brides, and grooms look their best.)

Of course, I am much older and wiser than Jinja.  Do I have to tell you this? I will not say how old I am or how I wound up living in this house on the Gulf Islands, where I have learned that I have to put up with Jinja. I know a good gig when I see one.

I sometimes come inside with dirty paws, from digging outside for whatever varmints I can find.  Unlike Jinja, I eat what I find or give it to the humans as a gift (too bad they cannot hunt for themselves).

I am always hungry.

She started it – as usual.


2 Responses to About Jinja & George

  1. Thrilled to bits to meet you both!
    🙂 Mandy

    • IslandEAT says:

      Thanks, Mandy. Our sources tell us cats share their homes with you, too. You had better treat them right our you’ll hear from us.

      George and Jinja

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